Nuestra Empresa

 "Mármoles de Egipto, SL” con sede de fabricación en Egipto y centros de distribución en España y Argentina se dedica a la fabricación, importación y exportación de todo tipo de mármoles, granitos, calizas y travertinos. Siendo nuestra especialidad los mármoles de Egipto y España, contamos con una amplia variedad de productos provenientes de todo el mundo a través de una red de colaboradores internacionales y contratos exclusivos.

Our Company

"Mármoles de Egipto, SL" is dedicated to the fabrication, importation and exportation of all sorts of marble, granite, limestone and travertine; this is due to both our factory headquarters in Egypt and our distribution centers in Spain and Argentina. In spite of being specialized in the Egyptian and the Spanish marble products, we have access to a wide range and various products from all the world, through our network of exclusive business partners.

Our company is capable of offering a constant, quick and efficient service. Depending on our machinery of a high technology and our highly qualified staff, we directly control the quality of our products from the moment of selecting the raw material and it fabrication.

In "Mármoles de Egipto, SL", we believe that every stone in unique; and we treat it as we believe.

Our company guarantees to our clients a personalized and discrete service, with a wide variety of stock materials coming from Egypt, Spain, China, Turkey, Greece, India and Italy among others.